Testing the new AccuWeather integration

I invite you to test the new weather integration that gets data from AccuWeather.

Repository: https://github.com/bieniu/ha-accuweather

You can add this repo to HACS as custom repository.

To configure the integrationgo to Configuration -> Integrations -> + sign and choose AccuWeather.

To generate API key go to https://developer.accuweather.com/user/register and after registration create an app.

All opinions, bug reports are most welcome.

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How do you generate the API key on the accuweather site?

Do you have to create an app? if so which details do you need to use? If not where do you find your API key? I’ve poked around there after creating an account and I don’t find any API key.

I’m going to assume that you need to add this as a “sensor” in HA? What are the configuration variables required in HA to get this running? Do you use config flow or yaml?

You haven’t really provided much documentation.

Yes, you have to create an app on the AccuWeather developer site.
The integration uses config_flow so you have to go to Configuration -> Integration -> + sign and choose AccuWeather.

Any way to add a units selection (metric or imperial/standard)?

At the moment, no.

The current version has support for imperial system units.

Let me know when you add support for the universal IS/metric system.

Just use template sensors to convert system… I assume there is no UOM by default?

The integration automatically detects and uses the configured unit system.

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I cannot find the integration in HACS.

Because the integration isn’t available in HACS. You can add it as a custom repository to the HACS.

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Ok, thank you. Still learning all the ins and outs of HA.

Sorry, new to HA and need some minimal guidance:

I managed to sucessfully install HACS on my HA without help, just by searching the internet and following the documentation, but I can’t find any simple instructions on how to add a custom repository.

Can you please share some url or doc with instructions on how to create a custom repository with your integration?


This integration is in beta stage. If you can’t install it, I don’t think you should use it. You have been warned :wink: Go to HACS -> Integrations -> three dot menu -> custom repositories.

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Despite being a new noob for hacs, I looked at the docs and installed the integration
All seems to work OK, at least for the first 10 minutes :slight_smile:
The only comment I have so far is that I seem to have wind “gust speed” but not just wind “speed”.

It is a shame the ‘minutely’ data is not available ( yeah, different API key).

The wind speed is an attribute of the weather entity.

Yes, I see now. I sort of knew about attributes but have only used sensors.
Maybe I’m mistaken, but I think the dark sky stuff give sensors for everything. I think you might get a lot of confused questions from noobies like me and sensors would be better than attributes.

In any case, good work and looking forward to seeing this as a standard integration.

New integrations must use valid entity types. For example, weather integration has to use weather entity, air quality integration, air_quality entity, etc.

Looks great so far.

Are you adding the daily forecast soon?

Yes, that will be the next step.