Texecom Alarm panel

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Hello I have a question,
I have a texecom alarm system at home texecom is about to link the alarm to IOT, now I know from the texecom engineers that they use MQTT, I have received documents from Texecom how the alarm system communicates, unfortunately I have little knowledge to get this out maybe it is interesting for one of you to watch this and make a home assistant component for a texecom alarm.

Hi Jack!

I would like to use texecom panel on my installation too.
Can you share your documentations?


I would also like Texecom Premier to be integrated

I’m using this at the moment which logs information out to stdout, which I’m picking up into Splunk. Im hoping to add a connector into HomeAssistant soon.

There is also a further development as part of this: https://github.com/ricol99/casa which I think allows setting/unsetting the alarm - Again, I’m hoping to do some work on this soon so that I can set/unset and get the status of the alarm for HomeAssistant.
Any chance you can send through the documentation that you have?

I had a Texecom alarm panel prior to using Home Assistant. At the time I had setup alarm-server (https://github.com/mikestir/alarm-server) and mqttwarn (https://github.com/jpmens/mqttwarn) which then enabled me to setup alerts using email and pushover. I’m now using the same with an MQTT sensor in Home Assistant so I can see alarm status. I can also use twilio to send SMS messages to the alarm to arm / disarm the alarm based on some event - currently have an automation set to arm the alarm if no one is home and they have been that state for over 10 minutes (prevents alarm arming if devices drop off the network), and also disarm the alarm if someone arrives home and the alarm is armed.

@JackB @livehybrid @tomkil @taanczos.tamaas have you managed to read the alarm state, or better reading the state of all the sensors, via the Texecom API ?

@mongo116 which protocol/interface is https://github.com/mikestir/alarm-server using ?

I’ve got the Texecom protocols documents, and it seems that they’ve got plenty of interfaces like Connect Protocol, Crestron Protocol, Simple Protocol, and ComIP Protocol !

I have to replace my old alarm panel as it’s stopped working, so am ordering a Texecom elite 48.

From what I can see the best protocol to give real-time data is the Crestron one. I plan on implementing an Arduino onto the com port which will convert it all to MQTT. Should only be a few quid and will allow status of all the sensors and setting and unsettling of the alarm etc as you can emulate key presses on a keypad via this protocol from what I have read so far.


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Any instructions on getting a Texecom panel connected to HA?

https://github.com/davidMbrooke/texecom-connect looks like it contains the logic to receive events via the connect protocol (which looks to be the newest one). I haven’t verified, as I need to try and get my UDL password from my installer/maintenance company though.

If it works, then I’d assume that it should be converted to Python3 and a pip package created, then a hass component made which uses the package.

Thanks Anthony. Yeah, it looks like it’s using the newer protocol, will be great if it’s made as a component in HA as I’m new to all this py coding, MQTT and the rest :smiley:
Currently using the Texecom Android app to arm/disarm the alarm but it’s awful to look at. Also I didn’t install any PIR’s in the house (no wiring) so I’ll be looking to use a few Fibaro sensors to talk to the alarm on presence detection.

Hi all,

I have this working but I don’t believe there’s going to be a plug and play method of doing it.

Connecting to the SmartCom restricts its ability to perform regular duties. I believe the SmartCom can only handle a single TCP session. So while home assistant is connected to it you won’t receive any alerts or be able to use the app. In my opinion it was only designed to enable cloud connectivity and is not suitable for third party usage.

My setup uses a Particle Photon (Arduino with cloud connectivity) to communicate with the alarm system over serial. I’m using the Crestron protocol to receive live updates on the status of the control panel and sensors. These are sent over mqtt to update the devices in home assistant.

The Crestron protocol also enables interaction with a virtual screen so it’s possible to arm and disarm the system.

I’ve only used standard HA components except for making a minor change to the mqtt alarm. When the code is entered within HA it is usually verified by HA and the arm/disarm command is sent over mqtt. I wanted the code to also be sent over mqtt so it is never stored on any device. I have a PR open to add this feature.

I’m happy to help anyone who wants to do the same thing but unfortunately I don’t believe they’ll be a plug and play solution without Texecom’s enablement.


Hi Kev,
Correct, the COM port only allows one session at the time. I found this out while connected using Wintex and wanted to use the phone app at the same time.
The integration doesn’t have to be plug and play :smiley: I don’t mind adding components, software once I have some clear instructions. Will be great if you can post even some high level instructions on how to get this integration done. I’m due to open the panel and fit a com GSM for notifications so I can add the Arduino at the same time.

90% there, Had to do this via Node-Red though.

Hi Julian,

I went with a Particle Photon as it can be updated via the web (online IDE) so doesn’t require me to open the panel to update it. I’m unsure how you will be updating the Arduino once it’s inside the alarm panel? I also installed a button on the side of the panel connected to the reset pins on the Photon. Just in case the device crashes. I have used it once before.

I’m happy to share the code I have but I would like to clean it up a little first.

I would recommend starting by reading the serial data and posting it to a logging service such as papertrail. It’s been very useful for me to see what the alarm system is reporting especially when my code reports “Unknown message received”.

Regarding the serial connection to the panel, this article describes the port configuration.

I will also add that @levickij is cheating by having a dedicated ComIP for his automation :smiley:

Hehe, the ComIP with Crestron enabled is the only option if you do not want to continually poll for state changes of each zone every second, plus other event data such as user armed/disarmed info so it will save you some time :wink:

Will there be any need of using the ComIP if you are able to integrate most functions in HA? I assume you can disable the HA connection if you need to make quick changes via Wintex.

In my configurarion Node-red communicates via the COM IP. And the connect app or wintex communicates via connect interface.

I’ve published my library. I need to add some more comments as well as an example…