The ability to create cards with an ID so it can be used across multiple dashboards

I found that there are a fair number of cards I’ve built up which are repeated across multiple dashboards.
They evolved into more complex code with the use of mushroom cards, stack-in-cards, custom button cards and card-mod to name a few.

As some of these are repeated across multiple dashboards, it would be great to be able to assign it a CardID, similar idea to the automation TriggerIDs.
Then add the CardID to the desired page or card stack of all the relevant dashboards so the CardID content is displayed the same on all.

If you make changes (I’m always tweaking the look) or adding/replacing components then it only has to be amended in the one to be corrected in all the dashboard views.

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There’s a custom card that does this

Can you explain more about this?

This one for example: GitHub - custom-cards/decluttering-card: 🧹 Declutter your lovelace configuration with the help of this card

Thomas Loven made a card that’s the exact same card too, so it’s no extra memory. Cant’ remember what it’s called.