The first launch of home assistant does not install

this is the error

Network cable plugged in ?

So you had this problem before, created a topic, got help and deleted your last reply to start a new topic?!

Share some details about your setup/how you installed HA, on which platform. (is this also on VirtualBox?)
DNS issue?

@francisp: could he have this output on his Windows without a network connection?

Yes, sure)


It is a virtualbox, see the icon on the screen

I did not receive an answer) what is the reason

How is your network defined ? Should be bridged


I did not receive an answer) what is the reason? I install on windows via virtual box, followed the instructions but this error appears

Creating a new topic will not help either.
Now you are not answering too.

Which instructions?

yes, I did this setup) I even changed virtual machines, tried it on VMware Workstation and hyper V, but the same error was everywhere)

for installing home assistant

WHICH instructions?
Have you used virtualization platforms in the past successfully or is this your first go?

Will a VPN installed on my router help me?

I used it when I lived in another country, now I moved here and the problems started, at the moment I’m using HA in docker, it works there) the question is whether a VPN installed on the router will help me bypass this problem

Sorry to say so but do you even know what you are doing!?
Is 16 your age?
What has VPN to do with all this?!

BTW: VMware Workstation, hyper V and VirtualBox are not virtual machines but platform/software to run virtual machines on.

Can you run network info on the system console?

Did you run all 3 virtualization platforms on the same Windows system?
DNS issue of your Windows?

hmmm) in the HA logs it says that there is no connection to the Internet although there is Internet, so I’m wondering if a VPN will help

no, I checked it on all three platforms and the same error is everywhere)

A VPN to where/what?

You are not making it easy to help you if you don’t reply to the questions we are posting.