The Google Assistant skill is live, and I already messed it up

source: Our Google Assistant skill is live!

I created a HA Cloud account, opened the Google Home app, clicked the (+), selected, logged in via some AWS API, and everything seemed to load fine.

I then accidently added a device to a room and simply wanted to delete that device from the room. However, it doesn’t appear you can do that. SO, after some Googling I concede that I have to unlink, and relink to Google Assistant.

Unlinking went fine, but it won’t relink :frowning:

It says, “Successfully linked your account.” but the doesn’t show as linked.

I’ve deleted the Google Home app, cleared data. Cleared browser history on Chrome. Changed the HA Cloud password. Restarted HA. Nothing works. Has anyone been able to overcome this?

I’m not sure why this is the case, but I commented out my “cloud: !include cloud.yaml” line and went back to “cloud:”

Resinked, and it worked.

# Cloud
# cloud: !include cloud.yaml