The Supervisor joins the party

Brilliant work everyone, thanks for all the efforts. Need to start digging into the system but I’m expecting there are events exposed to HA that can notify of issues encountered by SU or the watchdog?

Just can’t get over how sophisticated this system is becoming but still manages to be maintain a “yeah nothing to see here” facade!

Really great job!

I’m now really satisfied with myself that I decide to use a standalone hp elitedesk 800 just for all things HA. It is fast becoming the core of my whole system.

You can use the Spotify Connect add-on to turn your Home Assistant into a Spotify playing target.

It’s available in the Community add-on store.


There are no events but for now, you can do it like this:

sensor observer:
  - platform: scrape
    name: Supervisor observer
    resource: http://homeassistant.local:4357
    select: ".description"

This works now, but I can’t say for how long since it uses scraping and the layout of the website can will change in the future.


i like the watchdog, but in my opinion its a workaround, a add-on shouldt crash
its like the deconz add-on, its reporting crashes around the same timestamp for several users , shouldnt happen :slight_smile:

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Are you willing to please elaborate on that? I am just about to switch from wifi to wired so I am super pumped about the network manager but will be considering the ip situation soon. I’ve gathered that al dhcp reservation is easier, but when would one need a static ip instead?

Nobody is going to disagree with that :wink:

In a perfect world, every piece of software out there would never get issues, but until we get there we have to do what we can :slight_smile:

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when you have routers from ISP providers, they are sometimes limited, without dhcp reservation options

i know, but if we enable watchdog, then we dont know that there is maybe an issue with the add-on

Depends on your situation a bit and personal preference really. I personally prefer static IP above the DHCP reservations, mainly because it works even when my DHCP doesn’t. For things like services on my network I really want them to be there, whatever the state of things.

As you can see above, someone else thinks we should warn people not to use it :man_shrugging:

Another case where static is needed is when your Home Assistant instance becomes the DHCP server itself, or is going to act as a DNS server (e.g., using AdGuard).

So it depends a bit + a bit of personal preference.


That is true, if you need/want that information don’t enable it :slight_smile:

So there’s no exposed event we could use to log / notify of a watchdog reset?


well… I am using the Adguard add-on that you developed so I better stick with static ip. :smiley:

Please don’t forget that many users want to use the supervisor in Home Assistant Supervised scenario e.g. on Ubuntu.

Features that inherently conflict with that usage should be somehow optional or (un)pluggable.
Losing even the community supported way of installing it would be a real shame.

Awesome stuff, guys! Dumb question: I am running Supervisor 244, but I dont see Network Manager or the Crash Reporting options. Is this because I am running a “supervised” instance? Thanks

No that’s not it, the diagnostics part will not show in unsupported systems, so that might be it.

As for the network manager, it requires that the network manager is accessable over DBUS.
Your supervisor logs should tell you more about it.


Such an amazing team, I love seeing open source software work!


If you use HA Supervised and you update the O/S and docker updates, most of the community addons don’t restart when docker starts. It’s a mega PITA to get HA running again without rebooting the host. This 99% fixes that issue. It’s even worse if you use mariadb as HA will take a long time to load because mariadb addon isn’t running and recorder is looking for it so this is a GREAT enhancement IMO.

I’m running supervised on debian… I don’t see the network manager option. How do I see or enable that over DBUS? Google seems to only reference DBUS and Ubuntu.

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Does this network manager update address the inability to use HA Core with IPv6 without NabuCasa?

I’m assuming I still can’t do that, but this has me hopeful a fix is in the works soon.

Odd, I’ve haven’t seen any issue from you or anybody else being raised on this. Please file a issue on GitHub so we can investigate.