Theme Color Chart - My UGLY Theme

Okay this is one UGLY looking theme but that is by design… try as people might the descriptions in theme’s don’t clearly point to all places a parameter is applied. For me a picture is worth a thousand words so I created this theme you can navigate through to reference where colors are applied. I have noted the color or where it applies next to each parameter. I have not found every parameter available yet but got quite a few. Also this site is a great reference for colors… and I use it all the time.

Hope this helps some of you as it has me.

Here is the yaml for this…

colorchart.yaml (2.2 KB)


This is so simple, yet I immediately found your post extremely useful.

As a long time theme user, I had long ago resigned myself to simply finding a look that was “good enough” and did not mess with it due to all of the intricate settings. This theme example combined with your re-organized yaml code is a great reference for both newcomers exploring themes and OG’s like me who didn’t feel like deciphering all of the many settings.


yes it is but found what i was looking for


Thank you very much for this. I was hoping I could find something like this solution to help me make my own theme.