Theme problems

So after a ton of lookin and reading, i finally got some themes going but still not what I was hoping for.
in my configuration.yaml i have added
themes: !include themes.yaml”

and then in my themes.yaml is like this :

# Main colors that can be changed
primary-color: “#00bcd4
disabled-text-color: “#545454
divider-color: “rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.12)”
paper-card-background-color: “#4e4e4e
paper-grey-200: “#191919
paper-item-icon-color: “#d3d3d3
paper-listbox-background-color: “#202020
paper-listbox-color: “#FFFFFF
primary-background-color: “#303030
primary-text-color: “#cfcfcf
secondary-background-color: “#2b2b2b
secondary-text-color: “#04a7bc
# Colors based on variables, see above
label-badge-background-color: “var(–secondary-background-color)”
label-badge-text-color: “var(–text-primary-color)”
paper-card-header-color: “#var(–paper-item-icon-color)”
paper-grey-50: “var(–primary-text-color)”
paper-item-icon-active-color: “var(–primary-color)”
paper-item-icon_-_color: “var(–primary-text-color)”
paper-slider-active-color: “var(–primary-color)”
paper-slider-knob-color: “var(–primary-color)”
paper-slider-knob-start-color: “var(–primary-color)”
paper-slider-pin-color: “var(–primary-color)”
paper-slider-secondary-color: “var(–light-primary-color)”
paper-toggle-button-checked-ink-color: “var(–dark-primary-color)”
paper-toggle-button-checked-button-color: “var(–primary-color)”
paper-toggle-button-checked-bar-color: “var(–light-primary-color)”
paper-toggle-button-unchecked-bar-color: “var(–primary-text-color)”

And then it looks like this

I was hoping that the whole white background would be the same color as the “cards” … or is this edited elsewhere ?
running hassio 143

primary-background-color should change the background.

See this post for a handy reference: Theme Color Chart - My UGLY Theme including the yaml coulour chart link below the image.

Why is there a double quote in front of your theme name?:


It could be messing with things.