Thermostat automation - Theben (868 MHz)

Dear community,

I would like to automate some functionalities which I’m able to perform with my thermostat. Short explanation about my set-up:

  • Thermostat sends a signal to the heating system and switches the relay (see picture) when target temp > actual temp
  • I do have a wireless thermostat which I carry in the room I want to control. There are couple of actions which I would like to be able to control via my phone with home assistant (see picture):
  • 1: turn thermostat in cold mode (only gets activated when actual temp goes below 15°C)
  • 2: turn thermostat in heating mode (will heat as long as actual temp is below set temp - which can be controlled with 4a & 4b)
  • 3: set thermostat to a fixed routine 3a, 3b or 3c → Thermostat will follow a fixed timing to switch between cold mode and heating mode
  • 4: switches to control the set temperature

I’ve read already following post: Control 868.3 MHz thermostat in home assistant - #11 by Hellis81

But seems the investigation got aborted. So I would like to ask if there are some people who have already have experience with such a project. I could use some suggestions/ideas. (I use an Odroid N2+ with HAOS).

Thanks in advance!