Thermostat card displays properly but sometimes will not update target

I have home assistant set up and connected to a Honeywell T5 lyric thermostat via the homekit controller. Upon installation of it auto detected the thermostat and i added it. It displays activity properly but will inconsistently adjust the target temp.

To clarify the behavior. On the thermostat card, I adjust the target temp from 55 to 60. The card displays 60, but then after a few seconds, it simply reverts to 55. Is their an explanation for this behavior?

other potentially pertinent info:
I also have the thermostats hooked up to the honeywell app on my phone.


Were you able to figure this out? I am having the same issues. My HA thermostat cards for my T6 and T5 are accurate (i.e. they accurately present the current state of the tstats) but no adjustments can be made from the UI. Same result if I try to run any climate automation calling a service (no errors but no changes to the devices).

Adjustments work just fine from the iOS Honeywell App and from the screen.

Additional information:

Honeywell Lyric Thermostats (T5 & T6)
HomeKit Accessory Integration

Setup: HA 0.107.7 running on HassOS 3.12 in Docker on VM (Ubuntu Linux)

Unfortunately I never really dug much further. Some of the problems I had with the lyrics was mitigated by turning off the homekit auto discovery. At the moment however, I have stopped making adjustments in HA and just use it for passively monitoring and other alerting.

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