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And you think an app is going to be faster? How? Are you using Lovelace?


I am using lovelace, and the Androis app HA Client is waaay faster. Also moving between tabs in Chrome you need to swipe only at the top and often is not fluid, with the android app is fast and fluid and you swipe (left right) anywhere on the screen,

The chrome way is almost unusable to me (slow, not precise, micro lags, sometimes reloading, moving between tabs uncomfortable and not smooth, etc…)

Love the app big time


This was the case for me until I added SSL.
Since then if I add a link to the home screen, the link just opens a new tab in the browser.

I’ve since moved to Fully Kiosk Browser as I couldn’t find a solution.


It works fine for me on several Android devices.

Nexus 6, 7, 9, Pixel 1, 2, OnePlus6, Essential Phone, OnePlusOne. I have tested with both SSL and non-SSL


Then I’m doing something wrong.
Just tried again :expressionless:

Running Pixel2XL with latest updates.


Are you deleting the OLD non-ssl one first? Are you using the menu option in chrome to ‘add shortcut’ or waiting until HA prompts you? There is a difference.


Wait, what ?
I don’t remember being prompted by HA to create a shortcut.
I’ve always used the chrome ‘add shortcut’.

I just cleared cach to try and get the prompt to come up ( unsuccessfully ).


It works from either, but you have to use port 443 for ssl. As soon as you add a custom port to the end of the url it will create a shortcut to the page rather than a web app shortcut.


It prompts me. I just set up my son’s Pixel XL last night.

I get different results from using the Chrome menu item for some reason.


I think you need to cancel the previous app/icon first


Any updates on Remote connection to Home Assistant?