Thinking Big

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  • Improved device management. We’ve recently added devices to Home Assistant. As a user, you will be able to place devices in areas, see which entities are part of a device and make sure your entities are up to date.

What is the improve device management? Is there documentation explaining it?

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Still work in progress. We have all the data, the UI just sucks. It’s also something that needs to be added to each individual integration

Subscribed! I don’t really use the Cloud feature, but HASS is amazing, and easily worth the $5 a month.

For what it’s worth, I am most excited about improved Z-wave! OpenZwave and it’s panel is a hassle, changing Zwave settings is finicky and unreliable, etc. A proper SDK, implemented directly in HA, would be amazing.

I am a happy HA customer as well, and will be happy to pay for Alexa skill and just happy to support in general. What I would love to see, would be a SMS option, even if limited to certain amount a day. I mostly use pushbullet and SMTP, while they are good, still not as nice as just a plan old SMS.

Oh, and definitely +1 for better zwave.

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You mean in addition to the four sms services already provided by HA?

Yes. Above and beyond those 4.

what’s wrong with those 4?

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Maybe i did not look into them enough. Twillo looked maybe free. The others looked like they cost money at some point. Twillio seemed like it might include marketing messaging as well.

Bottom line they all are looking for paying customers. The local API is nice but people using them forever for free is not their business model.

Offering a limited amount of messages per day directly with HA as part of the monthly pay model would cost pennies to the HA team but not require people to sign up for APIs etx

Ahh yes that is a point. Trouble is, while a tcp/ip connection/message is essentially free and very easy, integrating with all the telcos in over 200 countries in the world is not trivial.

Agreed. But don’t get me wrong but with hopefully 1000s of people paying $5 a month it could be be done. I’ll be one of those paying.

Not a fair comparison since Samsung is a huge company but $99 or less included the hub the software and unlimited lifetime SMS. Like 10 a day would probably cost less than 1-2 cents a day. Probably less.

Just saying that would be a great offer for the $5


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Yeah so highly variable pricing. Any US provider .645 cents per message, New Zealand 12.146 cents per message (19 x the US price).

I use telegram is great

What interests me is how the $5 was fixed, although I accept it is none of my business.

For example, was research done into:

  • The total market size i.e. how many use HA?
  • Of those, how many are interested in a Cloud service?
  • Of those how much would they be prepared to pay?
  • Would a Cloud service attract new users to HA?

and so on and so on…

Objectively I think $5 a month is quite a high subscription price given that for example I pay just about that much a month for my mobile phone service or about four times that for my Internet. Although I know there are several reasons why these are not comparable.

I am also interested (and again it is probably none of my business) if there was any research done into this particular price point and whether a lower one might attract more people to the level that it could actually generate more income (e.g. would twice as many people subscribe for $3 a month?). Or conversely of course if a higher one would still have attracted enough people?

None of that should be taken as any kind of objection, criticism or judgement; or indeed an inference that I will or will not subscribe. I don’t currently use or have a need for the Cloud service but I think the future for HA and this service as outlined in this blog post is very exciting which means it is very likely that I will want to at some point in the future.

I really hope that the HA developers dont have to turn into accountants. If a user cant pay the small fee for sms using Twillio or Clickatel, then use something else

YES! Even without a discount, I’d much prefer a yearly subscription!!

not .64 cents it’s $0.00645, so 100 SMS messages would cost .64 cents. I understand about the pricing being variable, I’m just saying it’s something to look into offering. Again, many systems offer this, it’s not a crazy thing to suggest. Would be nice to just add a single line to my configuration.yaml and add SMS without having to find a third party, get API key, etc. Again, just making suggestions.

It was just a suggestion. I have no problem paying for SMS, but if I’m already paying for cloud service, the thought is, why not look into how much it would cost to add SMS capabilites into HA. HA is already paying for AWS services for the Alexa integration (at least I assume they are or will me), I’m sure from a technical standpoint adding SMS would not be that complex, it’s just another service offering. Maybe adding it and making it simple would increase the amount of people willing to pay, increasing their revenue. Just another nice selling point.

With that said, I dont care if they do or dont, I’ll be happily paying $5 and get what I get. If you’re not interested in this as a service offering, then move on. I’m not sure why a few of you are so against the idea being suggested.

I have very hard to believe that one sma in the Us is charged with 0.0064 usd. Its 0.64 cent. Show me please