⚡ Tibber, energy price and consumption visualization (For Germany, Sweden and Norway)

Custom component to visualize the energy price from Tibber: GitHub - Danielhiversen/home_assistant_tibber_custom: Display Tibber prices and energy consumption as
(It is hacs compatible)

I am also working on visualizing the consumption data.

Tibber is available in Germany, Norway and Sweden Tibber has helped tens of thousands of new customers each month in Sweden, Norway & Germany to lower their energy bill and consumption. Tibber is using digital technology to make electricity consumption smarter.

If you use this link to signup for Tibber, you get 50 euro to buy smart home products in the Tibber store: https://invite.tibber.com/6fd7a447


Added support to also show consumption data:

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Looks very interesting, will it show tomorrows price as well (from noon when they are available)? I mean is the red line current time or just a marker?

I’m not able to add it as custom repository in HACS:
“Repostitory structure for 0.1 is not compliant” - am I doing something wrong?
Never mind, I used the wrong category in HACS.

Yes, it shows future prices and the red line indicates the current time

Any setting I need to use to get this look instead of the one in the first post?

No, but you need the latest version from the main branch and a real-time meter (Tibber Pulse or Watty)

Thanks for the answer! I created an enhancement request in the repo for support of an external energy meter. I guess it’s a bit of a corner case so close the request if you feel that it is out of line.

The price part works good as it is!

Thanks for your suggestion. But the component depends on specific data from the Tibber component, so I do not plan to extend it to external sensors.

Im stuck on intalling numpy… Currently, pip seems unable to install this do to compabillity limitations with python 3.8. Any workaround for this?

ERROR: Failed building wheel for numpy
ERROR: Could not build wheels for numpy which use PEP 517 and cannot be installed directly

Any idea to facilitate data from Noorpool in the graph. Maybe displaying delta Tibber/Noorpool price?

And I am confused. In HACS it integrates in HA as an integration, not as a Lovelace card?

Use apex graph instead. Works with Nordpool out of the box.

I have set this up and get the “camera.my address” entity. But when I try to set it up in Lovelace it says “idle” and does not show anything.

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I had 2 Tibber instances one from my country home and one for main house. When I removed one house it works perfectly.

Thank you for a great custom component!

I’m trying to figure out how to go from using fixed start and stop times at night to turn on my water heater to dynamic times based on price forcast. Have you considered adding some functionality to utilize the forcast information? What I have in mind is a sensor that offers me to set it up such that I get a configurable window in time (number of hours) that is cheapest every day.

Cheers, Per

All future prices are available from hass.data["tibber"]
I use that data for my price optimizations. You can see how the custom component gets the prices.

I take it you’re gently pushing me in the direction of write your own integration. Maybe I’m ready for that soon. Was hoping that you would latch on the idea. :slight_smile:

Just looked into what it takes to develop components and get a bit confused.

Have you setup a development environment as outlined here: Set up Development Environment | Home Assistant Developer Docs

Cheers, Per

Following the past 3 month of prices,you cant really tell/predict what time of the day the price is “low”, sure night-time usually gets lower, but it’s not because it’s “night” , so instead you could use the “simple” way, with your current sensor ( " if price = or less than “” ) , or “include” 2 point of measuring, so the automation knows whether the price are on the way down, or up … in other words, start your heather when price drops below certain criteria, stop the heather when they are no longer “valid” … this way you wont miss the cheap prices during day time ( as we have had quite a few of lately, here … below 0.20 kr )

But dont forget to make an additional automation (Water Temperature), " if water-temperature in the heather is below X, ignore automation (Cheap_Price), and start the heather (other vice you might get a brutal morning shower ) :slight_smile:


Anyone else who has problems with the visualization? It has been working for a long time but suddenly two days ago I dont get a graph. In the logs it says tibber time out when setting up. The Tibber integration is working fine. Just the camera from tibber custom that doesn’t load.