Tibber invitations

I don’t know how this works outside of Norway but you can PM me for an invitation to Tibber where both of us will receive NOK500 (about 50 euros) to use in their store.

Tibber is a power supplier that integrates with Home Assistant and many devices which can help you save money on your power bill. If you use their device connected to your fuse box you can get a real time read of your power consumption.

According to their site a Tibber agreement is available in Norway, Sweden and Germany, the app however is available in other countries also.

My invitation link: https://tibber.com/no/invite/2a88afda

My invitation link is https://invite.tibber.com/6fd7a447
(Creator of the Tibber integration in HA)

My Link is here,
It’s valid for Norway, Sweden and Germany

You will get 50€