🇸🇪 Tibber Pulse P1 energy meter

Tibber Pulse P1 energy meter is now available in Sweden: Pulse P1 - Ta pulsen på ditt hem ⚡️ Tibber Store
Already integrated in Home Assistant and is supported by the new energy view. :zap:

If you are not a Tibber customer yet: Tibber invitations

Any chance of local support or only by Tibber cloud?

It is possible to configure Tibber Pulse to use a local mqtt server: https://www.hjemmeautomasjon.no/forums/topic/4255-tibber-pulse-mqtt/?do=findComment&comment=49771

About to order a Tibber Pulse P1 , but can’t find any info anywhere in regards to max-cable length, i found below, for other device/meter, and the “Cable” type specifications in common.

… i guess this is a good “guide-line-length” :slight_smile: … but would like to hear others solution ( beside the non-optional) useless 1m cable, always included in all products

Edit: And below for another “meter” ( in swedish ) … but specifying Max 50M