[Tile Card] - Use state as Name or allow Name to be Empty

This FR will probably be a benefit in some very specific cases, but it would provide a lot of configuration options for dashboards…

I would like to have a feature, with which I could:

a) disable the entity Name on the TileCard, so only the state / value would be visible
b) use the state itself in the place of the entity name.

For example, this Dashboard:

Would then allow me to have the “Batterie” TileCard only showing the percentage (which could be used for ALL battery related tiles - as well as for the bottom tile card showing the lock_status.

In the case of the lock_status (Cat Flap Eingang Treppenhaus…) - the Image does indicate the lock state - and in addition to this, I would also like to have only the state visible - but not the name of the entity / sensor itself.

Hi, you can hide the entity name by setting a space as the name in the tile card.
Below is a screenshot how it looks like in my setup

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type: tile
entity: sensor.moon_phase
name: []

PS: Works in most cards !

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