TileBoard - New dashboard for Homeassistant


Update TileBoard, there was a bug in previous commit.


Hello, how can i fix it?



How would I add a tile that allows me to turn on / off the colour loop on certain lights… i.e bedroom_bedside.

Ideally looking to create a ‘scenes’ group in the bedroom.


Thanks! The latest pull resolved that issue. Now on to see if I can hit the same walls you did with the Amazon Fire HD 10 as a wall panel.


For a wall panel I went all the way crazy and disassembled a 18.5 inch touchscreen monitor which is now powered by an Intel NUC i3. If somebody will be interested, I might create a short video of this DIY monstrosity.


You can use a CUSTOM tile and send any API requests via it. I’m not familiar with light effects so I can’t provide any code for that.


How about a color wheel pop-up, would that be possible? E.g. like the alarm panel pop-up which not only works well, but looks awesome too. Would there be any way to implement a pop-up like this but then with a color picker like we can in lovelace? (or even better, like the color picker in Homekit?).


Thank you sir. Is it possible for the tile to change colour when activate to show that this state is currently active?


There is certainly a way but I don’t have sufficient free time to implement it. I’m also not a huge fan of coloured lights :slight_smile:


Yes. You can use customStyles with anonymous function to check for a state of any entity or it’s attributes and return any CSS rules you wish to apply to that tile. There have been a few examples in this thread.


I’ve been through 3 different dashboard apps (HADashboard, Appdaemon & Home Panel) and I have to say the simplicity of yours is brilliant! Got mine up and working in less than a few hours and only 1 file to edit. The nice thing is there is no additional “backend” you need to run or authenticate with. Moving on to stylizing it…


Ah yeah I thought I have read that somewhere before :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t use it often either but sometimes it could come in handy. Anyways, I have one last question (as it is the last thing I can’t get working). I have added the climate sensor as in your example, now it turns on, off it can go to smart schedule or manual (I have Tado valves). I can see the current temperature and the set temperature. However if I press a button to lower or raise the temperature, the state will go from any state to tado mode (which is the normal behaviour) but it doesn’t actually raise/lower the temperature, it will only turn the device on when pressed.
I have to mention that in your example you have this:

                 position: [0, 2],
                 width: 2,
                 height: 1.5,
                 type: TYPES.CLIMATE,
                 unit: 'C',
                 id: 'climate.kleine_kamer',
                 state: function (item, entity) {
                    return 'Current '
                       + entity.attributes.current_temperature
                       + entity.attributes.unit_of_measurement;

The last line is an attribute that the Tado entities do not have so I removed it. I don’t know why it doesn’t react to the button presses though, strange :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the question though, I know you are little on time (so no hurries, I have a lot of patience :smiley:)


Wow, impressive. Can you message me your js by any chance?


as a workaround you could define a input_select in homeassistant, use an automation to change the light effect, and then use a INPUT_SELECT tile.
here is something I’ve done last week, but I’m currently working on doing it with tileboard without any input_select or automation

    name: "yee2 mode"
      - Stop
      - RGB
      - Disco
      - Slowdown
      - blue
      - blueviolet
      - chocolate
      - crimson
      - cyan
      - darkblue

- alias: "yee2_mode"
  initial_state: True
    platform: state
    entity_id: input_select.light_yee2_mode
    service: python_script.mylight_mode
      entity_id: light.yee2
      item: "{{ trigger.to_state.state }}"

and my python script:

entity_id = data.get('entity_id')
item = data.get('item')
if entity_id is not None:
  states     = hass.states.get(entity_id)

  if item.capitalize() == item:
    service_data = {'entity_id': entity_id, 'effect': item }
    service_data = {'entity_id': entity_id, 'color_name': item }

  hass.services.call('light', 'turn_on', service_data, False)


Could you please post a screenshot of the tile?


Make tile size bigger.


Could someone else who is versed in coding maybe assist with the write up of code for implementation?

I mean, I would offer assistance but y’all seen my basic JavaScript questions haha. I can certainly assist with testing etc.


Ohhh, nice! Interested in this - let me see if I can try and implement tonight - thanks for sharing.

Just so I understand, this puts a tile on the dashboard which allows you to select a number of effect? - pretty much like a drop down on a website?

Does the tile update tos how which effects it is running?


yep like a drop down on a web site.
tile will update as long as you use the input_select to select the effect.


Do you have any screenshots? More of visual person :joy: