Timer - control entity & set timer time

I have 2 helpers: timer.poweroff and input_number.time. I want to use inpunt.number.time to set the timer duration in minutes and use that timer to control light.bed.
I have Node Red installed, I can catch only event timer.finished, but I can’t catch event that was sent by timer.poweroff only. I also can’t set timer duration from any lovelace.
How I make this work?

What is the big picture? What are you attempting to achieve?

I need to turn off light after some time.

Now I’m using events node with timer.finish in it, but that limites me to have only one timer, since it is triggered every time any timer ends.

Set up an automation that is triggered on light.bed going to on using the for statement. See here:

I made it work using:

  • one boolean input for switch
  • one input number for time value
  • 3 automations:
    – first for controlling light
    – second for switch when light is off
    – third for resseting the automation when turning off the switch