Tips for looks in lovelace of personal Weather station

I need some help getting a better look of my personal weather station (netatmo) in lovelace. I think it looks a litlte too … Confusing ? Any tips ?

There are a few custom cards around that you can specify what sensors to look at. You can just point those to your PWS sensors.

Can you name some of these cards ?

This would be one. It’s pretty useful.

and this one if you are after a more simple view

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I like the dark sky one, but it seems to require a Dark Sky API key which was not really what i was looking for. The Simple Weather Card, is a little too simple, to hold all the information i have

If you look at the config a bit lower, it shows a bunch of values. You can replace them with your own sensors. The darksky api is pretty good. I use it for extra information to fill in the gaps that my weather station doesn’t provide. For example, the new API from weatherunderground doesn’t have current observation, so I grab that from darksky.

Wow. I thought I posted this yesterday. Oops. Sorry.