Todo-List: Sub-Tasks

It would be cool, if we could add Sub-Tasks to an existing Todo-List Entity or if we could Group entities within the Shopping-List / Todo-List

For example:

Shopping List:




- Refactor HA Dashboard
  - Add Todo_list integration
  - Add Google- Tasks Integration
  - Add Conditional Cards for User
  - Add Conditional Cards for Screen

- Build a new Playing-House for your Kids
  - Draw some Sketches
  - Shopping-List: Buy Wood
  - Shopping-List: Buy Screws
  - Shopping-List: Buy Smart-Lights

The examples might be a bit weired, but it was the first thing that came up to my mind as an example right now^^

this would allow a better sorting of entities, since some times, tasks do have several sub-tasks - and only if they are checked, the main task would be done, too.

Upvoted. I would also like to see dependencies and sub-tasks should be nestable. While HA is really more of a “personal/home” system I do use it for planning for my winery.

I would love to have displays showing fermentation → bottling …

I agree. I’ve also posted a feature request to add time triggers, notes and url’s, similar to iOS reminders. So much can be done with this feature!


I use Todoist for my todo-lists, which I have added to HA as well. The nested todo-lists show as flat in HA. That makes them really hard, if not impossible to manage them from HA.

Todoist does not use ‘subtasks’, but a partent/child relation between tasks. There’s no(?) limit on how many levels of tasks you have.


Upvote as well.
I’ve been looking for a nice way to share a handful of lists with my wife, but all the bullets are an end goal which have several steps.

This helps us a lot to not overthink or feel overwhelmed if a bullet point has too many steps to be completed and we can’t see them. Seeing the subtasks would be perfect for that!