2023.11 To-do: Add release title

I’ve noticed this as well. Quite a few blueprints are broken after this update.

Processor spikes are normal on complex operations. What’s noticeable between last version and this version is less processor use. I skipped the beta this release, updated on Wednesday.

The 2 large spikes are restarts. The periodic spikes are my 4am nightly backup.

There is strange behavior with Shelly Wall Display.

  • It update values every 5minutes, but values hands on. If wall display shows - 28*C that in home assistant value is from last restart or when i reload the devices. Only then it updates values with the same which is on wall display.
    If i wont restart the wall display or don`t press the Reload Device in HA, the values are stuck and wont change…

You can already do that. That’s how and conditions work. If you have 4 anded conditions, the first is checked, if that passes it looks at the second and so on. Any time it fails, it does not check beyond that and fails the overall condition. This is how and works in all software languages too.

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@SgtBatten We’ve already looked into this. This stems from blueprints using incorrect defaults on selectors. It’s not a bug, but a bad blueprint. Please let the author of the blueprint know.

See this issue for details

In the case of the issue above, the default should be '' or [] for a device selector because it will output a list or string depending on the number of devices that are selected.

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hi, I’ve already created feature requests for these kind of changes:


Does anybody alse have a weird issue with the energy dashboard with the new 2023.11.0? My shows only on half of the screen:

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Wait what? I didnt’t even think about monitoring my MC server via HA :smiley: Great catch!

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It’s a bug in card-mod


Yes, I also missed the beta, but look how after the release update, the restarts show 0. thats really impossible and must be a bug?
Also, I wonder why those 100% spikes are there now, never seen before. What would have changed in 2023.11 to suddenly go 100%? Seems a bug too if you ask me

might need to set the purge to a bit longer period (now using 5 days). isnt the LTS supposed to show after that?

I don’t think it’s a bug because I don’t have 100% spikes. I have ~80% spikes, meaning it’s grabbing the information. You just have less processing power. Outside that, the processor use is less erratic. The 0 is most likely coming from the restart.

and fixed already in the latest update

In understand all of that, but what I am saying is that something changed in HA 2023.11, to make the limits show 0 and 100.
Nothing else changed on this side, except updating to release.

I did look for a system monitor PR, but couldnt find it. So this is really unaccounted for as far as I can see now, and a breaking change more over.

In what world is this a breaking change? How do you know that it reporting correctly before? There were optimizations that were made. Nothing in system monitor changed. This is most likely more accurate due to the increase in startup speeds.

I have restarted 4 times last 24hrs, assume thats the 100% spikes, there are lots more then 4 zero readings

I didnt spot this post before: 2023.11 To-do: Add release title - #90 by starob

sorry for that, otherwise I would have replied to that, to keep things tidy.

Yes, and I have 0 readings well before this update.

That whole section has 0 readings for ~5 days. This is nothing new. It may just be int rounding when your processor reads between 0 and 1, which is entirely possible.

Here’s september

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Node Red defined sensors don’t show up in 2023.11

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my lowest lower limit has been 7% since the last 6 months, so this 0% has never happened in my system.
Also, I have an automation auto restarting when the upper limit crosses 80 % (which happened before because of the loop), so I can also be I am certain 100% has never happened either.

anyways, I filed an issue, and hope this can be investigated

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I did the same, but i still get the icon in the sidebar. Only way to remove it is going to the user profile and edit the sidebar.