Tosee app and video doorbell wifi

Hello is there a possibility to see a component for tosee app products like video wifi doorbell ?

Asking the same?

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Me also the same!!

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I am also looking for this

asking the same

Same request here.

I am also interested in this. I tried to decompile the APK in order to see authentication/streaming protocols but I did not find anything useful. Main problem is that decompiling the APK results in a bunch of .smali files which are hard to read.

Does anyone have experience with reverse engineering?

YES, i need this one too!!!

also want a tosee component!

me to but i guess there will not come one?

another vote for tosee integration

Also looking for this. Does anyone know how to retrieve the video feed? Is it authenticated RTSP?

Nobody? It would be really good.
I have an Yiroka doorbell and I have got to say it’s pretty useless.
They have an issue with the app (that is terribly slow) with notifications that they never solved.
I have been in touch with their support, actually helping them finding out what the issue was about. They were very kind and all…but finally they said they could not fix the issue. I even asked them if they would ever release an API or something but they say they would not. They don’t even sell the device anymore and they stopped updating the app 7 months ago…so it’s not looking good…

The doorbell kinda works meaning the chime inside the house rings but I get no notification on my mobile… Basically I am giving it the same use you give to a radio based doorbell that would have costed 10 bucks or less.

My “dream” would be to have this integrated so that when someone is at the door and they ring the doorbell I get notfied, can see the camera image in my tileboard (I am using this: and press the button on the tileboard to open the door…
I am sure I am dreaming too much haha

Anyways…I wish we can actually get this integration but I doubt it as the product/app are not very popular and looks like they will be disappearing soon.

+1 for tosee doorbell