TP-Link Integration: Support for KL430 LED Light Strip

This integration works great for many of my existing wall switches, light bulbs, and smart plugs. Would be great to see support added in the integration for the KL430 led light strip.

Please feel free to create an issue at .

If you are not afraid of doing a network trace while going through the functionalities in the app (simplest to run the app in android emulator), take a look at which will allow finding out what commands it uses.

HI - I see that the TP-Link KL430 is now supported on the python-kasa repository, is this something I can update on my home-assistant or does it need to be done by someone in the core code?


It requires converting the integration to use python-kasa instead of pyhs100. There is a (now stuck) WIP pull request available:

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I just invested heavily into KL430’s to replace my 25 Magic Home strips and now I’m trying to jump ship from Samsung (which natively supports KL430’s). I too would like to see this supported. I voted, above.

Any updates on KL430 support?

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I just found this in the documentation:

This is very clearly stated and these are the newest lights TP link added to their collection. Are we doing something wrong? Is something not activated?

I’ve struggled to understand why I couldn’t get these to work on HA when the device handlers and code are easily available for practically every other platform. It DOES seem like this would’ve been done already.

It should be working now as Avoid divide by zero errors in tplink light integration by superm1 · Pull Request #48235 · home-assistant/core · GitHub got merged. That’s when the documentation was also updated: Add newly supported bulbs for tplink by superm1 · Pull Request #17125 · home-assistant/ · GitHub


Thank you so much for responding. I have some updates based on the info you provided.

The bulbs DO show in HA; unfortunately, I can’t control any of them. The ‘on’ switch is grayed out. I have removed the integration, re-added it, refreshed it 1000 times, and restarted HA a dozen times. It is definitely isolated to the KL430s (they are consistently unable to be controlled).

I am new here, and while I’m not new to smart home stuff, I am new to HA and this forum. I work in software managing my company’s betas and defects but I know enough about development to be dangerous. I will do whatever it takes on my end to keep moving this forward as long as y’all will put up with me. I even have an extra set of lights I can send somebody if they need them to test.

I have not seen any other threads about the KL430s not working and now we confirmed that the documentation says it should be supported. I am assuming the next step is I need to put in a bug report for this with the template?

I tried to add a KL430 light strip by removing and re-adding the tp-link integration, and restarting HA many times, but HA does not detect it.

Oh, you are right, KL430 is not supported as it uses a different protocol than regular bulbs and will require the python-kasa conversion of the integration as I mentioned earlier this thread.

The KL430 mention from the documentation has now been removed, sorry for the confusion.

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I will try to install the python version of this integration. Thank you for the clarification.

has anyone actually gotten KL430 to work with HA? if so, some guidance would be greatly appreciated! I was able to install kasa-python but I guess I don’t understand how to replace the existing Kasa integration with this one