TP Link Kasa Integration Seems To have Create Objects with an _LED Extension

Today I update the HA core to version 2021.12.6. After doing so I noticed a number of new Entities had appeared. Each Entity seems related to a TP Link Kasa device. For each Kasa device there is now a new entity with the same name but with a suffix of “_LED”. I don’t recall seeing these in version 2012.12.5. Is this something new in the Kasa integration in HA version 2012.12.6 ?

There doesn’t seem to be any relation between the state of the switch device and the state of the associated _LED device. What I mean is, when a switch is manually turned operated, the LED indicator turns off when the switch is turn on and on when the switch is turned off. When the switch.kitchen_island is turned on, so to is switch.kitchen_island_led. I would have expected the _LED to be off. It seems the state of these devices are always “on”. Am I missing something here?

We’ll browsing the archives today I found the answer to this question. The entities with a suffix of “_led” relates to the LED in the paddle of the switch. Using this entity, the LED in the paddle may be turned on or off. The feature is handy for switches located in bedrooms where you might like light turned off when the light is off. I’m happy to find this as I’m now able to turn off the LED lights on the five switches located in the master bedroom. The darker, the better for sleeping.

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