TP Link Plug not coming up when setting up integration

Hi there,

Relatively new, so any help greatly appreciated.

Originally had a day of bad internet connections and ended up losing the ability to control my tp link smart plug through HA. i ended up removing the plug and trying to reset the device to re integrate it with HA. now when i start the tp link integration it does no come up with any new devices to set up so im struggling to set it up.

I actually set my HA up a while ago and then let it go as i was struggling with it so i cant remember how i even set the plug up in the first place.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome back! In my experience, HA is getting more stable all the time. You do have to keep up with updates, and make sure you read the breaking changes, first.

The TP-Link integration is here:

It’s pretty simple. Some have had good luck hard-coding the TP-Link device addresses in HA, but I’ve found just using reservations in my DHCP server to be more reliable.

However, the TP-Link integration has one bug. It has a habit of marking the TP-Link devices as “unavailable” if it can’t connect for whatever reason. So if your WiFi network isn’t 100% rock-solid at the location of the device, or even if you start HA before the TP-Link device is fully connected, you may not see the device in HA. I’ve also seen it happen more often if there is interference from a neighbor’s WiFi using the same channel as my router.

The Kasa app that TP-Link provides doesn’t have this problem, so there must be a fix. However, no-one seems to be maintaining the TP-Link integration in HA, so the problem isn’t being actively worked. I’ve found I have to re-start HA to get it to pick up any “unavailable” TP-Link devices, once I’ve verified that they’re on line using the Kasa app.

Hi. Did you get the TP Link integration to work?

I am struggling. Also have a few HS100 plugs about and when I load the TP-Link Kasa Smart integration, leaving the Host blank, it says “Aborted No devices found on the network”.

In the latest release of HA, 2021.10.03, the TP-Link integration was rewritten. I’ve had no problems with the latest version. Which version of HA are you using? If not the latest, it would be worth updating.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I am running HA 2021.10.0

There was a fix for the discovery of tplink devices in 2021.10.1.

Great. Just got to work out how to do an update as using a RPi for HA which I access through IP from a Windows 10 pc