TP-Link Smart Plug HS100 w/Alexa

The subject smart plug (after configuration) runs swimmingly “out of the box” with HA Ver. 41.

It seems, though, to control the switch with Alexa, you must set up a TP-Link Cloud account - which then (as I understand it) requires an active internet connection to function.

Hence my question: Is it possible to add TP-Link smart switch Alexa support without the TP-Link cloud account?

Yes, take a look at emulated hue, you can give “alexa turn on/off ‘name of your switch’” commands.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have Alexa working fine with several Z-Wave switches.

Thought all I had to do was add “emulated_hue: true” to my switches.ymal file like so:

  - platform: tplink
    host: <ip.address.of.switch>
    emulated_hue: true

…but maybe I’m missing something else?

I just added one last night without issue… (first TP-Link device I’ve owned) added the line - switch to exposed domains under emulated hue restarted Home Assistant and did device discovery from the Alexa web app.

PS: my TP-Link has a static IP address

I do not have emulated hue listed under switch

  host_ip: 192.168.1.XX
  expose_by_default: true
    - input_boolean
    - switch
    - scene

  - platform: tplink
    host: 192.168.1.XX
    name: TPLink1

Above was the key - forgot the device discovery step.