Tplink_lte integration losing connection every 10 minutes

I’ve got the tplink_lte integration (this one: working in order to send multiple SMS with preformatted texts and recipients via my TP-link Archer MR200 router (firmware version v0001.0) After setup and reboot, it works like a charm :grin: for 10 minutes :upside_down_face:

In the logs, I can see the initial connection takes place:

2019-12-03 21:06:00 INFO (MainThread) [tp_connected.tp_connected]
2019-12-03 21:06:01 INFO (MainThread) [tp_connected.tp_connected] Token url
2019-12-03 21:06:01 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.tplink_lte] Connected to

Sadly, I cannot detect the router disconnecting in the logs. I think the router closes down idle connections. When I log in the router manually, the tplink_lte integration stops working from that moment on (only one user can access the router at a time). The only solution I have to be sure of a connection with the router is to restart (v 0.102.3 running on a Pi4).

If I could find a way to renew the tplink_lte connection to the router without restarting Home Assistant, I would be well on my way!

In the end, I’m doing all this because I want to create an automation that sends an SMS to my carrier that allows for new bandwidth after a 5GB limit. The uPnP integration is logging traffic nicely, even when the tplink_lte integration stops functioning.

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Currently, I’m working around the above stated problem with a second instance of Home Assistant on my NAS. I connected the two instances via websocket using remote_homeassistant (

If I’m close on exceeding my data limit, the RPi tells my NAS to restart Home Assistant on the NAS. When restarted, my RPi receives positive feedback and pushes the command for sending the actual SMS via the NAS and reset my utility meter.

All of this actually works, (for a day now) but because of the workaround I’m getting some weird errors which I want to address first. I’m also not sure on how stable this solution is.

Did you guys mange to solve this issue ?

With you guys you mean me talking to myself i guess :rofl:

We moved to a new home which has optical fiber, never used the TP-link archer since… I looked into the open issues on the Github page of TP-Link LTE but here’s only people stuck like us. Interestingly, someone responded to this github issue yesterday.

A workaround that was not available to me at the time was reloading an integration with an automation. Post #37 on this thread shows how you might achieve this reloading of an integration.

hahaha, it was in response my query on
Connection to TP-Link LTE router fails with MR-6400 v5 · Issue #73563 · home-assistant/core · GitHub.
The unfortunate part is TP link makes devices which is what needed but they don’t have good support. I was not able to find router which will provide my VoLTE and SMS. TP link is the only one sadly their software side is a let down :frowning: