Track "untracked" energy consumption

I’ve seen several posts trying to display “untracked” energy (energy used by devices not tracked by home assistant).

All those solutions seem to explicitly list devices that are tracked by home assistant and substract them from the total.
Is there a generic way to do this? (without having to update a template for each new tracked device).

I’m thinking HA already have all the information to make that subtraction: we can compute the sum of all devices added to the energy dashboard.

Yes, with the Sankey Chart card.

remaining_parent_state - Used for representing the unaccounted state from this entity’s parent. Formerly known as the remaining configuration. Useful for displaying the unmeasured state as “Other”.


Great advice, thanks.
Only issue for now is that it requires the autoconfig option (which does not work correctly, at least for me and another person). Also it does not consider the “others” as an entity so there is no long term storage.

But I think I can work with this, thanks again.

@kamaradclimber , did you resolve this? I had a couple of devices in my Energy Dashboard configuration page that were not recognized due to ongoing changes I had made to templates/powercalcs/etc. Once I corrected everything in that dashboard, the Autoconfig started working.