Tracking and elderly parent

Hi, i am trying to find a solution to track where my elderly parent is in the house, she uses a walking frame all the time

One idea i had was to attach a battery zigbee type of device to her walking frame and when she enters a room , that device is picked up as entering the room and then send a notification, not sure if this is the best way …( p.s i dont want to add powered devices as some rooms dont have power sockets, )

Am i thinking in the right way or is there a different approach that would be better suited … ? , any recommendations as to ways and hardware to do this would be greatly appreciated

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I’ve never done it, but here’s an idea…

  • “zigbee device” is a bit generic, not sure what does zigbee change in this matter → how do you want to detect she entered a room?
  • I’d try Bluetooth → from what I’m assuming it should be possible to put BT devices around the house that would track another BT device that she’d carry with her

google “esp32 bluetooth tracker”

Hi thanks for the suggestion, on the Zigbee side , i was thinking of something like a window / door sensor close to the door entrance and the other on the frame, but cant see that working as it needs to be very close to make on/off contact , i will explore the bluetooth route, is there a battery powered hub ?

If BT is the way for you to go, than there is already a perfect integration for that:

If you want to get deeper into this, I’d strongly advise to read-up on the new radar/microwave/something sensors, that can not only track where somebody is in the house, but as well can check the vital signs of a person. These are unfortunately not available yet as battery driven, they need a power outlet.