Tradfri remotes and Conbee stick separately paired with bulbs?

Can you pair Tradfri bulbs with a Conbee stick (for automation etc.) and also with a remote without pairing the remote to conbee? I would like to be able to automate my bulbs under different circumstances, but if my raspberry pi crashed, I still want to be able to turn lights on/off with the remotes

I am on the same path at the moment. Yes I can pair the bulbs with HA and after that with the the remote but getting weired results. Done that with two different rooms and two remotes (one remote for each room). After being done with the second room now bot switches turn on/off all lights in both rooms at the same time and I don’t understand why.

found the error. I had other zigbee lights switched on in the other room and accidentaly paired them with my tradfri shortcut remote although being in another room. so my tip: switch of all (!) lights/devices you don’t want to pair with your remote. even if they are several meters away :smiley:

I don’t log in here often so I’m only seeing this now, thanks for the response. I took the chance and bought a Conbee stick early last year. Unfortunately I had issues getting the bulbs to pair with both HA and the remotes at the same time, they would only pair with one or the other. Maybe it was a firmware issue, maybe it was a user issue. Just said I’d leave this here as a caution to anyone else who stumbles across this thread that your mileage may vary

On the upside, I’m very impressed with the stability from HA. Any concerns I had about crashes have long since been forgotten and I’m happy with my current solution of adding the remotes to HA. This way also lets me monitor the remotes’ batteries