Transfer of an action from the dashboard to Node-RED

I would like to realise the process below and need an idea of how I could do this:

  • type: entities
    - entity: input_number.pellet_storage_new
    name: New value
    icon: mdi:content-save
    action: navigate
    navigation_path: /lovelace/heating-set

I use this to create an input field on the dashboard.
If I have entered a value and click on the icon, it should display “heating-set”. So far it works …

But now I want to process the event (icon clicked) further in Node-RED (among other things, a timer should be started and communication with an Arduino, which provides me with values from my pellet heater).

How could I solve this problem? For example, could you somehow set an auxiliary entity in the above code at tap_action which you can then query in Node-RED? What could the code then look like?

Thank you very much for your help - I’m really stumped by this problem …

There is a button card for the dashboard. The click action can call a service. Otherwise make a button helper. It will give you a button entity that you can use as a trigger.

The problem ist that I want to execute multiple actions in the “tap_action”:

  • navigate to another lovelace page and - at the same time -
  • set an entitity

I think I will try to realize it with the help of an script and browser-mod as in the post

Let’s see if it works …

In nodered red you can connect lines to multiple nodes. Using an input.button

button calls 4 services at the same time

button calls 4 services one after the other

button calls 2 services right away the other 2 5 seconds later