Treatlife Smart Ceiling Fan and Light Dimmer Switch

Anyone have any success integrating these fan/light switches into home assistant? I’ve got a couple bedrooms in my home that don’t have normal ceiling lights and there isn’t much out there in terms of smart switches that does both fans and lights on one controller. Also don’t want to have to expand the wall switch gang just to use Lutron so was looking at these as a possible solution. I haven’t seen any good examples on how to integrate into HA though. Thoughts? Recommendations?

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So without getting into hacking the firmware I take it that would be a no its not easy to add? I dont want to get into hacking the switch itself, I was hoping it would be as simple as the device being able to be discovered by home assistant and add it.

I was also eyeing the Treatlife Fan/Light switch. Assuming these are just not able to integrate into HA, are there any alternative switches that offer fan and light in one spot? Maybe without a dimmer?

I got these switches to work with HA, had to pair them using the SmartLife app and used the Tuya integration. The problem is HA only show the Fan, not the light switch. Any body find a way to get HA to show both?

I have the same issue. I purchased one of these Treatlife combo ceiling fan and dimmer light switch units. I integrated it into Smart Life and I can see it in HA via the Tuya integration, but it only shows the fan switch, not the light switch. The fan part works great, I can turn it on/off and set the speed (4 speeds).

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I just bought this exact item and installed it. It didn’t occur to me to check whether Home Assistant supported it, as it seemed to support pretty much everything. This seems like it would be a very common ceiling fan/dimmer switch. I’m also not interested in spending another $40 in equipment to flash this thing.

Is there any official word on this?

This was my experience, using the Tuya Smart mobile app, and the Tuya integration (configured using my Tuya Smart app login).

I added the switch to my TuyaSmart app but still doesn’t even show the fan using the Tuya integration. I’d like to get the fan working at least. Any tips?

Can confirm, this is also behavior I am seeing.
Fan controls in HA, work great. No light switch entity. :slightly_frowning_face:

I have the same, I believe the issue is that SmartLife (Tuya) groups it with Common Functions and the integration sees the fan info and doesnt think to see if there are more.

Does this sound correct or am I just adding the same information over?

Have 5 of them, flashed with tasmota (not OTA) and they work beautifully.


Do you have a link to some instructions that we can use to get this to work?

I actually used the same cited instructions in the initial post:

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I would rather keep it as it without flashing and probably breaking it.

I also have the issue that 2 of the devices never come up, the only reason I can see is that it is connected to the repeater and not the main router. Other Smart Life devices come up even though they are connected to the repeater, but the 2 fans don’t. Anyone else have this?

I was able to make this work .

I opened Samsung Smart things on my Samsung phone ( I don’t have the hub) , set up SmartLife and the light switch for the ceiling fan dimmer is there.

Then I added the Smartthings integration to HA

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Can you control the light with the new HA Tuya Integration added in October? (HA version 2021.10)

When HA 2021.10 was released, it broke nearly all my Tuya devices. The new Tuya v2 integration just doesn’t support many of my device types (yet).

So, I bit the bullet and switched to LocalTuya. I had stayed away from it for years because I thought it was too hard. But it was shockingly easy! I have completely removed the standard Tuya integration and am using Local Tuya exclusively now. Everything is local control and it works great after using it for nearly 2 weeks now.

And yes, this combo celling fan and light dimmer switch works PERFECTLY in Local Tuya!!! I think Local Tuya is the best solution for this device.

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Would you happen to provide your configuration of how you configured the entities? I’m having trouble setting the IDs of the fan and dimmer.

EDIT: Never mind, I was getting confused with what “ID” meant for the different entities. I thought it meant string identifier. So seeing ID 1 (Fan) and ID 9 (Light Dimmer) having the value True/False threw me off. Those are the “On/Off” states for 1 and 9… AKA THE ENTITIES :expressionless:

I successfully flashed the device and have it it HA. However, my fan control is just on/off. I don’t have any speed info. Thoughts?