Tretakt smart plug as a zigbee router

Long time first time - thanks to all contributors on here, you’ve being a big help over the last couple of years.

Has anybody had success in using the new(ish) Ikea Tretakt smart plug as a zigbee router. I bought x4 of the them at the weekend and spread them out in my home.

I have the Aqara contact sensors on doors that are too far away from my zigbee coordinator and saw these plugs as a cheap solution to build a better network.

The plugs have just created there own mesh linked together (and weirdly just one motion sensor connected to the smart plug as a route back to the coordinator,), none of the contact sensors have connected to the plugs, despite the plug being between the sensor and the coordinator.

Is there a special technique required to get these setup?

The facts.

  • The plugs are appearing in zigbee2mqtt but configured as “unsupported”.
  • The plugs state can be controlled via zigbee2mqtt.
  • The sensors read as normal when close to the coordinator.
  • When the sensors are positioned in their final location, their state does not report.
  • The plugs appear on the zigbee2mqtt map but only as linked routes to themselves and back to the coordinator.
  • I tried re-pairing the sensors in their final location, but they do not connect via neither the coordinator or the plug routers.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I don’t see anything in the specs that the device is a router/repeater.

You might look here to see if a definition file is available or requested.
Support new devices | Zigbee2MQTT.

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They should already be supported in the latest version. What version of Zigbee2MQTT are you using ?

While I also didn’t see any reference within the specs, they appear on zigbee2mqtt as a router so the assumption is they should act like one. I’m also under the impression that any mains powered zigbee device acts as a repeater/router on the network?

My Zigbee2MQTT version is: 1.35.1 commit: 9eaaa0f.

So I see I am a couple versions back. c. Jan-24 is my current which predates the Tretakt plugs (I think) so that may be something to work on!

Updated to the latest version of Z2M (1.36.1), re-paired the sensors in their final location and they connected via the Tretakt plugs. Phew - that was a reasonably straightforward troubleshoot. Thanks @francisp

Most, not all.
Generally Singled bulbs do not route, for instance.

And most non-neutral switches