Tried adding a second NIC to my VM to look at second Vlan and almost worked?

i posted a question in the “Installation” section and have recieved zero replies. I dont want to double post but perhaps i put my qustion in the wrong section? maybe it should be here? Here is the link to my question…

please help if you can

thanks in advance

I will explain mynsetup the you tell me if that’s what you are looking gor. If aoninwill provide info.

I use unifi with 3 vlans

I define my device in 3 categories and vlqn seperated accordingly

Category 1 - need local network access but not internet access. Devices access it but it does not access other devices.

  • camera
  • AV Receiver/amp
  • AC control
  • sensors

Category 2 - need internet access and limited access on local network

  • Roku/streaming player
  • guest devices

Category 3 - need full access to all device on network

  • servers

Category 1 vlan is blocked sending to any device unless the device initiates contact.

Category 2 is the standard guest network on unifi. It cannot contact devices on network but can access internet

Category 3 can access all vlan/devices on the network without restriction. This is standard network setup for unifi. Thisncan access guest and the iot. Guest and IOT cannot access it. I did create special rule to allownsoecified gueatbdevicea to access thisnspecified servers for Plex access

Each vlan is both Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Docker also has networking. I don’t use host networking. Some container have no network access and only work within docker network. MQTT qnd databases do this since no external device connects, only other docker containers that access it within docker network

Is this your goal? I can post info on firewall rules for ubiquiti to set this up