Triggar HA from HomeKit-devices?

A time ago I started to fiddle with HomeKit, and recently I bought a magnet sensor for my door with HomeKit-support.
More recently I discovered HA and it’s ability to automate.
I’ve used homebridge to be able to control HA and my harmony hub via Siri/Home and that works pretty good.

My question is if I can use my magnet sensor (elgato eve door) to trigger automation in HA?

What I want is added presence detection, as of now I only rely on my Asus router. Would be more reliable if I could trigger it with my magnet sensor and use router as a condition.

Your mixing homekit and homebridge. Are you using a mix or a misstake`?

I have some devices that only support HomeKit (like the magnet sensor).
But I’m also using homebridge for HA to connect HomeKit with HA.

So my question is, if I can automate in iOS 10 (Using home app) like this:

  • If door opens, turn on switch (Dlink, connected to HA).

Can I do the same thing in HA?
Use a trigger from a HomeKit-device to turn on the switch.

In iOS 10 I don’t know.

In HA assuming the devices are available there trough your homebridge then sure. It would be covered in the basic automation examples.

Just like to add that this approach was super easy to get working. I can now get my Elgato door sensor state in HA with very minimal effort :slight_smile:

  1. Install Homebridge addon on Hassio and link to my Homekit instance
  2. Create an input boolean on Hassio
    name: Elgato door sensor
    icon: mdi:door:
  1. Create automation in iOS Home app (added a second for door closing)
  2. Restart Hassio and setup any automations based on the input boolean.


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That’s great!
Can you do something similar with the Elgate Eve Room? That’s not a binary sensor. It gives you constantly values about humidity, air quality and temperature. I would like to see these values in HA.
I do not have an Apple TV yet so I cannot check the possibilities with the automation rules in Homekit.

I don’t see a way to do that with Automation on iOS Home app.
Btw you can also use an old iPad as a hub for HomeKit

I just found out to use the ipad as a hub. I disabled that option when i installed the ipad some years ago. Unfortunately the option “a sensor detects something” in the HomeKit automation rules is still greyed out. Obviously the Eve Room cannot be used in the automation rules.
Actually, the Eve app does support rules with the Eve Room and in the Eve app all the HomeKit items show up. So it should be possible to trigger a binary sensor in HA when a Eve Room sensor exceeds a specific value, but it will be impossible to see the actual sensor values in HA.

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I’ve hassled Elgato about the lack of an API (which would allow us to acess this data) but they aren’t interested. Perhaps if more people make the request they will take note.

Perhaps there are other ways

I already sent them an email about this. I expected at least a decent integration with Apple HomeKit, because that is why you buy these devices.

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Would you mind sharing the customised part applicable to the input boolean? I’m having trouble exposing the input boolean through Homebridge (and I have a roller shutter already exposed and working fine as expected).

thanks a lot in advance,

Hi @kitus I believe I covered the HA config in my post above on Dec '17, or are you referring to some additional config?

Well, I indicated what my pain point is: I can’t seem to be able to expose the input Boolean properly via Homebridge. If you visit this post: I don't have much expectations but will ask it anyway - #9 by marthocoo you will see my detailed configuration. Your help is appreciated.
Many thanks

Hi @kitus I’ve now put my complete config and instructions below. Let me know if that helps.

Hi Robi, much appreciated. What I’m struggling with right now is with exposing the input boolean to Homekit through Homebridge. I’m curious as to whether you are algo exposing your entities via the customize.yaml file or globally via the global option. Can you share how do you go about it? See here I don't have much expectations but will ask it anyway - #12 by kitus
many many thanks

Hi, only doing as explained in my post, nothing extra. And the config is complete. Cheers

So you expose all the entities to HomeKit then?

Yes I just used the default :+1: