Trigger automation from another automation

What I really want to do is implement some kind of ‘snoozing’ mechanism
So I ask the user by ‘notify’ if he wants to execute something and he can ask for 30 min snooze.

In this case I get the callback with something like /ac_off_snooze_60
So I add a delay of 1 hour and then I ask again, the thing is, I want to make sure the ac is still on when the delay ends.

I thought about sending ‘event’ when the delay ends so it will trigger an automation, but I can’t fund how to fire event under automation action.
Another idea was using automation.trigger but if that’s the case (if possible), what would be the trigger of the called automation ? (it actually doesn’t need one)

Thanks !

Sounds like the new Timer component could be the right for you:

You might be able to use a script in the automation action and in the trigger.

Here they did it with a scene