TRV Calibrator - Calibrate your valve with an external sensor (probably TRV agnostic)

The thermostat inside your TRV is probably telling your the wrong temperature and the reason for that is the proximity to the radiator. One way to workaround that is to use an external temperature sensor as reference and actively update the calibration.

After adjust it for several days I finally came up with a blueprint that seems to work fantastically to my valve and I’d like to share it with you.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

This blueprint was tested with a TV02-Zigbee but it should work with other valves. If you feel adventurous and would like to help me testing it with other TRV let me know.

can I use one temperature to more than one TRV? my living room and kitchen is one big room and I have 3 radiators, so I have 3 TRV in that room. Do I need one temp-senor to each TRV or can I use 1 temp-sensor to all 3 TRV?

You can pair multiple TRV to the same temperature sensor. I actually have the same situation and I pair my kitchen and living room TRV with a temperature sensor in the center of both rooms.

How can I see the code for this blueprint without import?

Here: home-assistant-blueprints/trv_calibrator.yaml at 6070b623e3b416a5bc7ffae7a2e6049e752770d7 · rotilho/home-assistant-blueprints · GitHub