Tryin to get TTS to work on host computer

Ok still trying to get a stand alone TTS service goin on my home assistant. Heck I am trying t get ANY TTS service going on my HA.

(Home Assistant 2023.3.6
Supervisor 2023.03.2
Operating System 9.5
Frontend 20230309.1 - latest.

I have installed MaryTTS and its add on and can use its web interface to speak a phrase and also from the media section of my side bar but the Service Call under developer errors out

I added Google Translate TTS with a similar success under the Media tab and failure as a service

In both instances I think this may be because I can not get a media player configured. The SideBar tab , I have found out uses the browser.

My YAML configuarations is as follows

  - platform: marytts
    language: "en_US"
    voice: "cmu-slt-hsmm"
    host: ""
    port: 59125
    service_name: maryTTS_say

  - platform: google_translate
    cache: true
    cache_dir: /tmp/tts
    time_memory: 300
    service_name: google_translate_say

Devoper States shows no Media players

This is a follow -up to my earlier post

Any suggestions with this would be greatly appreciate

You need a media player to be able to play a TTS

I have been unable to install any media players. Got Own Tone Server running but couldn’t figure client oiut. Didn’t show as option in Say Service. Stod that down and tried MPD. Same result although It did install a YMPD Client which also dent show as an option ins the media tab nor does LMPD or MDD appear one the states. I am obviously doing some simple thing wrong in. major way

Do you have nothing else supported? No Google Home devices, no Alexa devices, not even Sonos/Symfonisk?

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none. I try to stay away from Google. I have couple of BTs speaker which I was hoping to access using OwnTone and my desktop accesses using Airfoil

I haveMPD and Mopidy appearing under media. and the will play congas but they use browser no speakers appear in the choices and the only entity I find is is MPD update. I have no ida how to attach directly to desktop computer speakers

Sounds interesting, have you checked Browser Mod?
I am not using it, but it suggests you can have your browser be a media player here. I guess it can be a target for TTS. I however am not sure if it will work when you don’t have HA open. You’d have to check the docs :arrow_down:

opps just saw this. looks promising though I am having a hard Tim installing

I am afraid I cannot be much of a help, but maybe start a topic that mentions the HACS integration and your goal. However, installing it should be too hard if you use HACS.

Make sure you clean the browser cache or maybe run it incognito/private to make sure you don’t have any cache bothering you.

had o go tp basic installation. OI have it installed and now trying to deal with its impact on the front end. Have to read the documentation again. to understand the new device id. Still excited by the potential