TTS issues with Apple HomePOD

Hello guys

I’m currently struggling with an issue with all my TTS automations. I’ve been using the Google Translate TTS and never had any issue with my HomePODs. Since they got upgraded to the latest verion, all TTS enabled automations now fail. I started to “debug” them and according to some sources I couldn’t find anymore, it looks like there’s an issue with the TTS service timing out too early because the smart speaker now takes longer to “wake up”… or something like that…
Was anybody able to find a solution? According to that comment I saw a while ago it should have been fixed in one of the HA releases, but since then at least two have been released and the issue is still there… does anybody happen to know more about this?

This community used to be a little bit more supportive a while ago… :sweat_smile:

I am getting this same rtsp message whenever I try to play TTS on any of my Apple Hompods or Apple TV. It works fine to my Web Browser.
Has anyone gotten this to work?
Perhaps there is some other service we need to run? Or perhaps it is because I have too much security on my Apple account, things like two factor authentication?