Tube's ZB Coordinators and Routers (was Zigbee router on steroids?)

What software are you currently using and which are you going to use.

I read that with zigbee2mqtt 1.21 there is no need to re-add, but you should look into it here Zigbee2mqtt: getting rid of your proprietary Zigbee bridges (Xiaomi, Hue, TRADFRI) - #2037 by KCYeoh

HAHA, SORRY, I thought I added that ZHA

Actually when I read back in this thread you were originally favouring ZHA. Can I interest you in a z2m setup?

I dont mind either way. But whats the difference/ why is it better? I thought MQTT wasnt as secure (though my experence of Tasmota) Why would it not be better to use the intergrated Zigbee?

Just to be clear, Im honestly asking. Happy to be pointed to other posts, Im surre this has been covered somewhere :slight_smile:

Mainly that it is so easy to add new devices and the development is very active.

I don’t know what you mean about mqtt security, but you can run it over ssl.

Cool! Thanks :slight_smile:

Well that was an absolute disaster LOL

I ended up having to delete and re-add from scratch all ZB devices. Took a while, but all working now.

Just know that if you’re migrating to a new co-ordinator using ZHA, remove all your devices first, then remove the ZHA intergration. Then add the tubeszb coordinator, once its up and connected, re-pair all your devices.

Also for those with the Ikea buton issue, seems like the battery drain has stopped with this coordinator (still early days though)

Did I say z2m? LOL

HAHA, you did… treat it as a cautionary tale for those thinking of using ZHA.

Hi guys, is that any router firmware with tx at 20dBm?

untested by me, but the user in the issue who uses it is using one of my routers.

you need a USB Serial converter to flash the router FW

Alright, thanks for the info.

Hi there, when setting up a CC2652p2 following your GitHub instructions adding to HA using ZHA (Radio type ZNP) I get two coordinators……silicone Labs & Zigbee Coordinator…….is this correct and which one shall I use, and what do I do with the one I’m not to use (disable)? Thanks for any help.

for the CC2652, you’d pic ZNP. did you you have an existing network/ zigbee.db in your config folder? this could cause seeing 2 coordinators I believe.

Thank for reply. Yes I did have a zigbee.db….just deleted it all and ZHA and just doing a restart……fingers crossed.

Hi there, It’s now showing up only one coordinator (ZNP) which is a good start, but now for me too pair any of my devices a have to be right next to the bridge (LQI in the 100+) but as soon as I move 2-3mtrs away (same room and clear line of sight the devices LQI drops to single figures (8) and doesn’t respond (pir is still saying detected) what is the range of the aerial?

It definitely should be better than that. I’m not at home tonight, but direct message me in the morning (or early afternoon your time) and we’ll get this sorted out.

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I’ll mention that almost all connection/range issues to date relate to interference.

I recommend running an energy scan with the zigpy-znp a few times to see what the overall traffic looks like in your environment.

Just to clarify……I was running a (flashed) Sonoff ZB Bridge (located center of the house, 1st floor) with 26 devices connected (only 3 are mains). The two reasons I wanted to change was 1.Too have one more smart device connected to LAN. 2. I have 2 sensors in the kitchen (furthest from bridge on the ground floor) kept loosing connection. So it’s hard to believe that it’s interference when all my other battery operated end devices could connect spread out over 3 floors without any issues. Yet I can’t move further than 2mtrs away with the device responding.

Totally understand, this is now my first troubleshooting step for zigbee issues, if anything it can rule it out.

Others in this thread can attest to how they didn’t think it could be interference only to find after hours of troubleshooting an energy scan and channel change got everything working, so I am only going from what I’ve learned from experiences.

So I posted the above for both you and a general step for others.