Turn on Mobile Hotspot?

I want to setup an automation for when I get into the car to turn my mobile hotspot on, is this possible with the companion app? I couldn’t see anything but sensors and to be honest I am really new to home assistant.

Do you have Bluetooth in the car?
Or what would be the trigger that you are in the car?

I haven’t tried but turning on hotspot is probably not that hard since it’s just an intent.
Worst case, you can use tasker to do that part.

Yeah I have a Tesla linked to my home assistant so I have plenty of sensors that I could use to trigger the time to actual turn Hotspot on, just wasn’t sure the best way to actual trigger the “turn hotspot on” scenario

I actually can’t find an intent to do it with.
But as I said, you can use tasker (if you have that installed).

You just send a notification to your phone with a title and message and in tasker you create an event on home assistant notification like this:

The above is equivalent to sending a notification with title: "title" and message: "test" to your phone.
And in tasker you can enable wifi hotspot.

That way whenever you don’t feel you get enough control over your phone from HA then this is a good “bridge”.

might be possible via official API’s, could be an interesting feature request as we could use a notification command to achieve it

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Thanks for your help this might be my work around for now.
I use my mobile internet to tether to my car and manually turning it on and off as I get in and out is quite annoying lol