Turn on Mobile Hotspot?

I want to setup an automation for when I get into the car to turn my mobile hotspot on, is this possible with the companion app? I couldn’t see anything but sensors and to be honest I am really new to home assistant.

Do you have Bluetooth in the car?
Or what would be the trigger that you are in the car?

I haven’t tried but turning on hotspot is probably not that hard since it’s just an intent.
Worst case, you can use tasker to do that part.

Yeah I have a Tesla linked to my home assistant so I have plenty of sensors that I could use to trigger the time to actual turn Hotspot on, just wasn’t sure the best way to actual trigger the “turn hotspot on” scenario

I actually can’t find an intent to do it with.
But as I said, you can use tasker (if you have that installed).

You just send a notification to your phone with a title and message and in tasker you create an event on home assistant notification like this:

The above is equivalent to sending a notification with title: "title" and message: "test" to your phone.
And in tasker you can enable wifi hotspot.

That way whenever you don’t feel you get enough control over your phone from HA then this is a good “bridge”.

might be possible via official API’s, could be an interesting feature request as we could use a notification command to achieve it


Thanks for your help this might be my work around for now.
I use my mobile internet to tether to my car and manually turning it on and off as I get in and out is quite annoying lol

Did you end up getting this to work? Im trying to do the same thing

I managed to get this working with MacroDroind app for android. Just created a macro that turn on Hotspot when bluetooth is connected to my car.
But would be great to have this available on HA mobile app.

feel free to submit a feature request on github for this.

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Would love to see this on the Companion app.

This and using a notification to send texts to my wife is the only thing left that Tasker is doing. I use to have upwards of 20 tasker profiles and have 2 left now. Oh yeah I have 3 for remapping vol buttons on my phone to control volume on my TV. lol.

Would be awesome if the Companion app could get the SMS permission, like Tasker has, to be able to send texts. I have considered Twillo among other things but the only thing we use SMS for is notifications for her (she doesn’t read her notification bar) and emergencies…therefore it’s a requirement of hers that it comes from my number so that her emegency number to me doesn’t get buried.

unfortunately our app does not qualify for the permissions to read call logs and send text messages, those are considered sensitive permissions according to Google and are only approved by them. You could compose a text message but not send it.

The app will never completely replace tasker, in fact you can integrate the app with tasker to make some of that easier by using the intent system.

The only reason Tasker ever got that permission was because every Android user who’s used Tasker complained until they turned it back on.

I use it for 3 things and don’t believe there’s intents that apply.

  1. To turn on Wifi Tethering, this I do when I connect to my truck…so an intent isn’t really necessary. Would be cleaner if I could have an intent/automation do it when say high accuracy mode turns on as I have high acc. mode tied to that connection now. I can’t seem to find an intent for Tethering.

  2. To send webhooks to Home assistant that controls the volume on my Harmony Hub. I then use a button remapper to trigger these tasks. Couldn’t figure out a way to get Home Assistant to do this. I’m on Samsung unrooted so my button remapper is slightly limited and the one that works the best for me doesn’t send webhooks :frowning:

  3. To send texts. I have a notification sent from Home Assistant that has the title TaskerText. Tasker looks for this and sends the sms variable to her phone.

I also use to use it to turn on the torch when I wake up and go to bed…but was getting annoyed with it. Now I’m annoyed not having it lol so have been searching for the flashlight intent and I don’t think it has one either. There’s an app with an intent but that would be really annoying as the app actually opens to do it.

FYI not having a ton of Tasker plugins on my phone was a nice surprise when I started migrating from HE.

What you do is you have an automation that sends a notification command to broadcast an intent to Tasker. Then in tasker your profile listens for that intent and executes any tasker defined action. This way you can get tasker to react to things happening in your house. The intents in this case can be anything you want. This could be used as an alternative means to having tasker reading a notification and reacting off of it.

That could definetly work for the flashlight. Number 2 I don’t see a use for it. Now with texts that would be the most useful. That’s something passed through variables within the Task so I’m guessing that doing it that way sends different variables I’ll have to figure out…lol

I want to unlock/lock my truck with a quick tile but no lock domain in the companion app?

not supported yet in quick settings, but feel free to submit a feature request on github


it is supported in power menu/device controls


Yeah that button is already my mute button to my Harmony. I will submit a request on github. I’ll also submit a request to have the quicktiles vibrate when pressed…the app I use for this now vibrates and that’s quite a cool feature.

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in android 12 this was moved to quick settings, its a new tile called device controls so its no longer linked to the power button

On Samsung I believe that is the device control button, next to media output. I don’t believe I’ve ever opened that. Doesn’t give me the same flexibility as the quick settings.

I figured out how to use intents to have tasker send intents. I see intents don’t accepts templates or the character length is limited in “extras”…guess that one will have to stay a notification send then.

Interesting it is commas that it doesn’t like commas…not templates or character length. Thus it won’t accept templates due to all the commas lol.