Turn On / Open form google assistance command

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Hi there all,
I have a garage door that is open and close using a Sonoff Mini with Tasmota.
I Hassio state can see it like “switch.door”.

This one is work also using my google assistance command:
“Ok Google… Turn On the door”

The problem is that I don’t know how to do in order to make it wolrk also with:
“Ok Google… Open the door”

Anybody can help me please ?
Thanks a lot

Same as my post, still no luck

Sorry I have see only now the answer
I have solved by using the routines on google home APP
There you can make any command you want.

Create a routine in google home that when you say “open door” it says to google assistant “turn on the door”

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Woops didn’t see your comment. Yes I did the same thing.

You could also create a template switch and expose that to google assistant with open close as the states. Better if you had a binary switch to know when open or closed

can you share the template you used? tried a few ways, none works.

First you must connect your Google Home to your Home Assistant.
Find some step by step page (little complicated to write it here)

Then you’ll see all the switch from Home Assistant
on your Google Home App on your mobile device.
At this point you can make a new routine (on Google Home App)

The routine is someting like:

  1. New routine
  2. When I said “Open room door”
  3. Then turn on that switch (and you choose the switch in Google Home APP)

Something like this :slight_smile:

Hi Denis,

Sorry, I was trying to reply to @botts. He said it was possible to have that behaviour by using a Template switch. I’d prefer that approach, since I have many devices like that.

Any idea how to?

I’m sorry… I don’t use Hassio for template.
I always prefer Node-Red cause yaml is too complicate for me.
I use yaml only when I’m forced for basic thinks.

I haven’t set it up personally. But the examples here should give u a starting point.