Turning a dimmer down to lowest via UI slider should keep the light on not switch off

Most dimmers I have used have a feature that when they are turned down to the lowest value then the light stays on but at the lowest brightness, a further click then being needed to swi VGtch the light off.

I’ve noticed that the HA UI seems to currently actually switch the light off and the dimmer slider dissapears, this screen:

I wonder if what should happen is that moving the dimmer slider all the way to the left doesn’t turn the light of but leaves it at the lowest brightness, we can then still also use the button on the top right to switch off.


I’ve got a couple situations where I intentionally exploit the fact that a zero-percent dim turns off a lamp. Helps get around the fact that you can’t optionally pass data to a service. For example, light.turn_off breaks if you pass it a brightness - even if it’s zero.

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@ih8gates let me clarify, the changes I am suggesting are just within the web based GUI front end not via any automation etc.

It’s just about impossible to use the dimmer slider and set a low value without it turning off the light and the dimmer slider dissapearing.

Try it :wink:

I so seldom use the UI that I hadn’t considered that. I focus on automating things and voice control.

But I think what you’re asking for is a UI improvement for the dimmer slider, then. Not a rework of the behavior of light components. Especially if you’re on a mobile device.


@ih8gates correct! Thanks. So do I get your vote? :wink:

It’s this UI:

Well, not as it’s currently worded…

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@ih8gates ok. Updated the original post. Ok ?

Done. I tweaked your title.

But, hell - you didn’t even vote for it. It had zero before my vote.

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Ha! I tried but with the mobile version of this site the vote button didn’t work for me.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I agree with this request, because with the GUI it is almost impossible to set the lamps to the lowest dimming level. Before you know it, they are switched off. There should be a clear distinction between lowest dimming level and switching off.

Totally agree. Can’t get the lowest level via GUI. If there’s a switch already, there’s no need of additional switch off in slider.

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have a look at @andrey 's CustomUI.
https://github.com/andrey-git/home-assistant-custom-ui/blob/master/docs/features.md#features-available-for-light-and-cover-domains-only seems to do what your looking for:

off_when_min: false


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Dimming to off is a bug in my opinion. In which system should I place a bug report for the this? It is probably GUI related. Not sure where to report bugs for that.

Best way to solve this is probably with an option to set this behavior. Maybe as follows:
dim to off: [true|false]
or as the previous poster said in the custom ui
off_when_min: false

This will be changed in the upcoming version 0.80.

why would that be, it was already taken care of… too bad because it is used as a most needed feature here…see 2 posts above.
Hope this change will not deprive us of that feature ? off_when_min: false

Why? That’s what this thread is all about, setting low light is currently close to impossible.

wouldn’t know why, no issues here. and even if there where issues, setting off_when_min: false would do exactly as you want. Already available. No need for extra limitations.



Brightness 1 and 2, no issues at all.
Please don’t kill this functionality

I believe off_when_min is a part of Custom UI, not HA proper

correct, but thats no big deal isn’t it? regular HA is coherent with real life dimmers that go all the way to Off, Hue and Tradfri here. If you don’t want that, there’s an option to customize it.
If this will be cut, users wont have a choice anylonger, which is never optimal.

I’ve posted a suggestion in the repo Remove turn_off from brightness slider by amelchio · Pull Request #1715 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub
if must be, to add an option to HA natively.
Hope that could be possible.

You have not made it clear why you cannot just press the power toggle that is also present in your screenshot?