Tuya based Electric Underfloor Heating Thermostat (Climate)

Hi i recently purchased some underfloor heating Thermostats controlled by Tuya/Smartlife App.
I was looking for alternative to control them throw homeassitant.
My options as if i understood correct:
Is only tuya integration. Tuya currently has some issues with climates.
I ve been searching for the possibility to control them local with device id and key. I am able to do this for switches but not for climates.
I was thinking the mqtt option because i think my thermostat is esp8266. But i cannot find any template for thermostats. I found only one only for Beca, but still i am not aware if it will work with mine thermostat.
Any ideas?

I have a Thermostat with Tuya app, I used official tuya integration trough Tuya or Smartlife app to add it into home assistant. working correctly since half a year.

I am able to switch off, switch on but when changing temperature it goes to unavailable