Smart thermostats again


I want to implement room-specific underfloor electric heating control in Home Assistant, and seek guidance on the compatible wall thermostats. The ideal thermostat has minimum built-in automation besides saftety (to reduce the price - I’m going to implement that automation) yet good wireless connectivity (ideally WiFi but Zigbee/Z-wave are ok) and tested/proven Home Assistant integration.

This is 230V/16A system and each room has a different thermostat (9 thermostats in total) controlling the respective zone. The control system would be implemented in Python on Raspberry Pi 4, based on a dynamical thermal model I have made for the house addressing individual rooms, local weather forecasts and price of electricity.

There is a local vendor vouching for HeatIt, Heatmiser and the like, which that company claims are compatible with Home Assistant over Z-wave. But the suggested devices are about 3 times more expensive than generic “smart” / “programmable” thermostats on, e.g.

Are there tested Home Assistant integrations available for these (or other) generic “smart” thermostats? If yes, then is there any reason to go for the higher-priced names?

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I have Mysa thermostats which integrate into HA using Apple HomeKit.

They make an in-floor heating version though it’s rather high in price.

It does have scheduling built-in but I don’t think you have to use it.

I’ve been looking for something similar, unsuccessfully. I have 5 radiant electric in-floor rooms and $200 apiece is hard to swallow.

If I find anything, I’ll post back here.

What specific concern?

I have the Sinope and it works great.