Tuya Bluetooth AM43 curtain motor

I have a tuya bluetooth AM43 motor curtain device. It is bluetooth only. Not wifi, not zigbee.

Model is AM43-0.45/40-ES-EB [TY]

I am looking for a way to control this via HA (via esphome, or direct bluetooth or any option).

Has anyone run into these ones and made them work? there are other versions of the same devices that use zigbee but not this one.

I’ve used esp32 as gateway AM43 blinds control through MQTT - #119 by akrigator

well i tried that before. However my device is the Tuya Bluetooth version. So this didn’t work. From the website

This component does NOT support Tuya-based versions of this
device as the protocol is completely different. If your device is 
controlled with the SmartLife app, then it will not work.

Any ideas? was your device the tuya bluetooth or generic bluetooth?

Oh, i did not get attention on tuya. However the main board looks same as mine. Previously i’ve resolder bluetooth with esp 8266 to have direct wifi control (GitHub - Smoria/AM43-WiFi: AM43 blinds engine to WiFi MQTT conversion). But in this cases it drains battery in several hours, so it should constantly powered by dc adapter

interesting project. Looking at the pictures on your GIthub, the board looks quite different, so i don’t know if this conversion will work. I am not sure that the Tuya BLE version i have is based on an ESP32 or something else. But i think it is a good idea to remove that i put an ESP32 in place, so i have the felixbility to do wifi and BLE. Ideally BLE to keep battery consumption low. Do you have any info on the interface for reading the position encoder and controlling the position in the rest of the board?

looks like my board has this:

Tuya BLE interface

i guess that tuya uses same commands to communicate with MCU as non-tuya