Tuya devices state not updating properly

They seem to have fixed it. Working good for me too

Still wasn’t working - I reverted to 2021.05.

I have the same problem, but found a workaround: Disable IPv6 in Supervisor → Host → Ip-Adress .
When setting the logger for tuya/tuya_iot to DEBUG you will notice, that there is often missing the PUBLISH answer from tuya after a POST of the switch-command. When IPv6 is disabled this happens nearly never.


This definatley fixes the problem, state changes are instant now.


Disabling IPV6 works for me too! Thanks

I had the same problem with tuya smart switches. My solution to this problem is explained in my post


For now this is working. I’m testing things out but for now there is no problem. If anyone is willing to test this on his setup, please do.

Update: Sorry, disabling IPv6 seems to be not reliable. It was okay when I first configured it but later in the day I noticed that HomeAssistant was not showing the true state. Reloading Tuya integration corrects the states, but then it is is not permanent.

Previous comment:
Disabling IPv6 was the fix for me too! Kudos @Peter_Junker !
For those who use container (with docker compose) like me, I just disabled the IPv6 of the host device (Pi, method 2 here) then reboot it. External state updates are now instantly displayed on homeassistant.

Dont disable ipv6 . In my experience it wont solve any problems but it will generate a lot of problems. This isnt way for solving problems.

agree! it´s only a temp workaround.

For me, it still works.

can you elaborate, what problems? what used IPv6 over IPv4?

As most people I also tried disabling ipv6. I think I wrote in some thread that this solved some my problem but it didnt. I’m not professional sysadmin nor programmer so I can’t elaborate on that matter from networking point of view, but in my experience this doesnt solve any problems.
I forgot what problems I tried to solved, I think it was some dns issue, but the problem wasnt ipv6. It was my dns miss configuration.

I like to share my fix or workaround for this issue.

Im not shure if i have granted the API Permissions correctly when i have setup the integration.
After i added the “Data Dashbord Service” on the “Service API” site of Tuya, the switch states are allways in the correct state.

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I’d like to share my solution to the problem.

When i created the Project in the Tuya Development Environment i accidentally selected Development Type “Custom” instead of “Smart Home”.

Unfortunately you can’t change that after you created the Project so you need to create a whole new Project and make sure to set the Development Type to Smart Home.

This is wrong:

This is correct:


This worked for me. Thanks! :grinning:

I fixed it using the Smart Live App username and password on home assistant tuya integration setup, and not the user created for the associated project in tuya iot.

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As I had (what looked like) the same issue.
Loggin into my Tuya account seemed to have fixed all the problems for me…

thx for sharing!

Im having the same issue - tuya switches are not updating thier state in HA. Whats the best work around?

use tuya-local?

Thinking of trying that. I’m new to HA, is there a guide out there for local tuya setup? I noticed its not listed under the HA integrations.

It is available under HACS
see also GitHub - rospogrigio/localtuya: local handling for Tuya devices