Tuya Fingerbot Plus in ZHA not responding to switch state in Home Assistant


I’ve recently bought a Zigbee Fingerbot on AliExpress. It just came in and connected it to ZHA via my Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus ZBDongle-E. The problem is as follows: I can control the actuator via the button on top of the cube, Home Assistant will change the switch accordingly. But when I try to control the actuator by changing the switch state in Home Assistant, the actuator does not move.

I’d like some suggestions or solutions to get this fingerbot to work. Thank you!

Details of the fingerbot:
AliExpress link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005581126641.html
Default device name in Home Assistant: _TZ3210_dse8ogfy TS0001
Signature from ZHA:

  "node_descriptor": "NodeDescriptor(logical_type=<LogicalType.EndDevice: 2>, complex_descriptor_available=0, user_descriptor_available=0, reserved=0, aps_flags=0, frequency_band=<FrequencyBand.Freq2400MHz: 8>, mac_capability_flags=<MACCapabilityFlags.AllocateAddress: 128>, manufacturer_code=4417, maximum_buffer_size=66, maximum_incoming_transfer_size=66, server_mask=10752, maximum_outgoing_transfer_size=66, descriptor_capability_field=<DescriptorCapability.NONE: 0>, *allocate_address=True, *is_alternate_pan_coordinator=False, *is_coordinator=False, *is_end_device=True, *is_full_function_device=False, *is_mains_powered=False, *is_receiver_on_when_idle=False, *is_router=False, *is_security_capable=False)",
  "endpoints": {
    "1": {
      "profile_id": "0x0104",
      "device_type": "0x0000",
      "input_clusters": [
      "output_clusters": [
  "manufacturer": "_TZ3210_dse8ogfy",
  "model": "TS0001",
  "class": "zhaquirks.tuya.ts0001_fingerbot.TuyaFingerbot"

I have the same problem! However mine has been working for the last two months and now all of a sudden it stopped working. The actuator works when I press the physical button and the state will change in home assistant, however if I use home assistant to switch on or off, it no longer triggers the actuator.

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Hey there, I was able to get it fixed. I had to create a custom folder for zha quirks and added a custom python file.

Instructions are here for creating the custom quirk folder and adding to your configuration:

This link is the custom py file for the fingerbot that you can paste in the folder:

The new .py file adds a battery sensor however right now it shows unknown for me.



Thanks a lot for helping me out! This just worked at the first try, you’re a hero to me!
If you manage to get the battery sensor to work, you may always update me :wink:

Thanks, it’s working again! :+1:
First, I thought changing the battery in the FingerBot would do the trick, but no luck there. Then, I had a real headache trying to figure out what was up with this device, going through all its states and modes. Finally, I stumbled upon this thread, and that did the trick!

You bloody legend! I love this community. Mine stopped working a week or so back too and it was really bugging me. I hadn’t investigated too much as it was turning on a reverse cycle air con to heat the house and Sydney just hit spring and warmer weather so it wasn’t necessary. Thanks for posting the fix and for @melsvdv for raising initially!

Damn son! Nice work. It is working again! Legend.

Just upgrade to Home Assistant Core 2023.10.0 (or later) and do not use any outdated custom quirks. They’ll break at some point.

I also have it working just with native installation. However, I noticed that there is often substantial delay, around 2-5s between switch in HA dashboard and a fingerbot actually moving. I observed the same with zigbee2mqtt. Have you seen similar behavior?

Mine is not working properly at all. I can pair it but once the flashing of the blue light stops it becomes unresponsive and I’ve to repair it to work again…
Anyone else with the same issue?

Were you able to configure it as well? i.e. set the movement type and the travel %?

Mine seems to default to push button and the travel is a full 100%. I would like to reduce it to around 85% but cannot configure it in HA.

I do have a spare Tuya zigbee gateway but don’t really want to have 2 networks running.

I have some IR sensors which have a similar problem. They work fine but they cannot be configured (for example the sensitivity can be selected in Tuya but not in HA).