Tuya Home Assistant Integration V1.3.1 has been released!


New Features

  • Removed the Region field that is previously required when you set up your Tuya credential.

New Supported Products

  • Circuit Breaker (dlq)
  • Luminance Sensor (ldcg)

Welcome to join the Tuya Home Assistant Integration Beta Test, your feedback would be helpful to the community!
The joint efforts of the developers will enrich and empower this integration.
Tuya Official integration Beta Test
Tuya v2 Release Notes · tuya/tuya-home-assistant Wiki (github.com)


Is it possible to run this addon only local?

No, not yet. I believe that is one of the future goals though.

I wouldn’t mind seeing an official statement from the Tuya Devs themselves saying local control will be forthcoming.
Only mention I have seen about local control is from others saying planned as they were told by them but not Tuya directly.

This is what I based my statement on:

Hey tom yeah i have seen that, but nothing official from Tuya

Can somebody please help me to understand Tuyas Subscribe to Cloud Development Plan?

With the $0/Year option I only can use 50 Tuya devices? And I have a “Monthly Quota” of $1/ $12 per year?

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